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André Vågan

How do we deal with multiple goals for care within an individual patient trajectory? A document content analysis of health service research papers on goals for care

Forfattere: G K R Berntsen, D Gammon, A Steinsbekk, A Salamonsen, N Foss, C Ruland, V Fønnebø
Health services research, Volume 5, Issue 12
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Simplicity, flexibility, and respect: Preferences related to patient education in hardly reached people with type 2 diabetes

Forfattere: Torenholt R, Varming A, Engelund G, Vestergaard S, Møller BL, Pals RA, Willaing I (2015)
Patient Preferences and Adherence, 9: 1581-1586
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Translating person-centered care into practice: A comparative analysis of motivational interviewing, illness-integration support, and guided self-determination

Forfattere: Zoffmann V, Hörnsten Å, Storbækken S, Graue M, Rasmussen B, Wahl A, Kirkevold M (2015)
Patient Education and Counselling, Oktober 30, pii: S0738-3991(15)30096-3. doi: 10.1016/j.pec.2015.10.015. [Epub ahead of print]
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What is a good educator? A qualitative study on the perspective of individuals with coronary heart disease

Forfattere: Svavarsdóttir, MH, Sigurdardottir, AK, Steinsbekk A (2015)
European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 1-9.
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Unpacking the process of interpretation in evidence-based decision-making

Forfattere: Engebretsen E, Vøllestad NK, Wahl AK, Robinson HS, Heggen K (2015)
Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 21(3), 529-53, doi: 10.1111/jep.12362
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Å sette brukeren i sentrum – allerede som student

Forfatter: Lie AK m.fl. (2015)
Tidsskrift Norsk Legeforening, 135, 1236-1237
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Self-management support from the perspectives of patients with a chronic condition: a thematic synthesis of qualitative studies

Forfattere: Dwarswaard J, Bakker EJ, van Staa A, Boeije HR (2015)
Health Expect Jan 26. doj: 10.1111/hex.12346
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Understanding and using health experiences. Improving patient care.

Forfattere: Ziebland S, Coulter A, Joseph, Calabreseet JD et al, red (2013)
Oxford: Oxford University Press
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Institutional logic in self-management support: coexistence and diversity

Forfattere: Bossy, DB, Knutsen, IR, Rogers, A, Foss, C. (2015)
Health and Social Care, published online: 1 OCT 2015DOI: 10.1111/hsc.12277
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Omtale av Cochrane-oversikt: Voksne med astma kan ha nytte av mestringstiltak

Forfattere: Fønhus MS, Hvinden K
Sykepleien Forskning 03, 2015 (side 208)
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Conceptions of diabetes and diabetes care in young people with minority backgrounds

Forfattere: Boman, A, Bohlin, M, Eklof, M, Forsander, G, Torner, M. (2015)
Qualitative Health Research 25(1): 5-15.
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Experience of knowledge and skills that are essential in self-managing a chronic condition – a focus group study among people with type 2 diabetes

Forfattere: Herre AJ, Graue M, Kolltveit BH, Gjengedal E (2015)
Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences. Aug 12. doi: 10.1111/scs.12260
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Kulturforskjeller i praksis. Perspektiver på det flerkulturelle Norge.

Forfattere: Eriksen, TH og Sajjad, TA (2015)
Gyldendal Akademisk (6.utgave)
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Personalised care planning for adults with chronic or long-term health conditions

Coulter A, Entwistle VA, Eccles A, Ryan S, Shepperd S, Perera R (2015)
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2015, Issue 3. Art. No.: CD010523
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Omtale av Cochrane-oversikt: Mestringstiltak kan bedre livskvaliteten

Fønhus M, Dahm K. (2015)
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Nytt notat fra litteratursøk

Fønus M, Stenberg U, Hafstad E. (2015)
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Haikerens guide til salutogenese. Helsefremmende arbeid i et salutogent perspektiv

Forfattere: Lindström B, Eriksson M
Gyldendal akademisk
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Patient explanations for non-attendance at type 2 diabetes self-management education: a qualitative study

Forfattere: Schwennesen N, Henriksen JH, Willaing I
Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, June 2015
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What is good quality of health care?

Forfattere: Nylenna M, Bjertnes, Ø, Saunes IS og Lindahl AK
Professions and professionalism (2015): 5(1) (open access).
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A mobile health intervention for self-management and lifestyle change for persons with type 2 diabetes, part 2: One-Year results from the Norwegian randomised controlled trial RENEWING HEALTH

Forfattere: Holmen H, mfl.
JMIR mHealth uHealth 2014. 2(4):e57, DOI: 10.2196/mhealth.3882
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Training peer educators to promote self-management skills in people with serious mental illness (SMI) and diabetes (DM) in a primary health care setting

Forfattere: Blixen C, mfl.
Primary Health Care Research and Development (2015). 16: 127–137.
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Therapeutic elements in a self-management approach: Experiences from group participation among people suffering from chronic pain

Forfattere: Furnes B, Natvig GK, Dysvik E
Patient Preference and Adherence (2014). 8: 1085–1092.
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The RD parent empowerment program creates measurable change in the behaviors of low-income families and children: An intervention description and evaluation.

Forfattere: Hand RK, Birnbaum AS, Carter BJ, Medrow L, Stern E og Brown K
Journal of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (2014). 114: 1923–31.
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«The group facilitates everything»: meanings patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus assigned to health education groups.

Forfattere: Lucas Pereira de Melo og Edemilson Antunes de Campos
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem (RLAE)(2014). 22 (6): 980–987.
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Educator challenges using participatory methods in group-based patient education

Forfattere: Andersen TH, Hempler NF, Willaing I
Health Education (2014). 114: 152–165.
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Morbid obese results increased their sense of coherence 1 year after a patient education course: a longitudinal study

Forfattere: Fagermoen MS, Hamilton G og Lerdal A
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare (2015). 8: 157–165
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Shared Decision Making and Motivational Interviewing: Achieving Patient-Centered Care Across the Spectrum of Health Care Problems

Forfattere: Elwyn G, Dehlendorf C, Epstein, RM, Marrin K, White J og Frosch DL
Annals of Family Medicine (2014), 12: 270–275
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EULAR recommendations for patient education for people with inflammatory arthritis

Forfattere: Zangi HA, mfl.
Ann Rheum Dis (2015).0:1–9. doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-206807
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A prospective evaluation of the Chronic Pain Self-Management Programme in a Danish Population of chronic pain patients

Forforfattere: Mehlsen M, Heegaard L, Frosthold L
Patient Education and Counseling (2015). DOI:
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The expert patient as teacher: an interprofessional Health Mentors programme

Forforfattere: Towle A, Brown H, Hofley C, Kerston RP, Lyons H, Walsh C
The clinical teacher (2014), 11: 301–306.
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7 tools to help patients adopt healthier behaviors

Forfattere: Raddock M, Martukovich R, Berko E, Reyes CD, Werner JJ
The Journal of familiy practice (2015), 64(2): 97–103
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Pushing, patience and persistence: Peer providers’ perspectives on supportive relationships

Forfattere: Mourra A, Sledge W, Sells D, Lawless M, Davidson L
American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation (2014), 17(4): 307–328.
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Caregivers’ perceived roles in caring for patients with heart failure: what do clinicians need to know?

Forfattere: Burke RE, Jones J, Ho PM, Bekelman DB
J Card Fail (2014), 20(10):731–738.
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The professional perspective on patient involvement in the development of quality indicators: a qualitative analysis using the example of chronic heart failure in the German health care setting

Forfattere: Pohontsch NJ, Herzberg H, Joos S, Welti F, Scherer M, Blozik E
Patient Preference and Adherence (2015), 9: 151—159.
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Rheumatology clinicians’ experiences of brief training and implementation of skills to support patient self-management

Forfattere: Dures E, Hewlet H, Ambler N
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders (2014), 15:108
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The Chronic Care Model and Technological Research and Innovation: A Scoping Review at the Crossroads

Forfattere: Deede Gammon, Gro Karine Rosvold Berntsen,  Absera Teshome Koricho, Karin Sygna, Cornelia Ruland
Journal of Medical Internet Research (2015), 17(2).
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Adolescents developing life skills for managing type 1 diabetes: a qualitative, realistic evaluation of a guided self-determination-youth intervention

Forfattere: Gitte R. Husted, Bente Appel Esbensen, Eva Hommel, Birger Thorsteinsson, Vibeke Zoffmann
Journal of Advanced Nursing (2014). 70(11): 2634–2650.
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Ny svensk bok om health literacy, folkehelse og helsefremmende arbeid

Karin C. Ringsberg, Ewy Olander og Per Tillgren (red.).
Health literacy. Teori og praktik i hälsofrämjande arbete.
Studentlitteratur forlag.
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A Nursing Model for Chronic Illness Management Based Upon the Trajectory Framework

Forfattere: Corbin, J. & Strauss, A.
Research and Theory for Nursing Practice (1991), Volume 5, Number 3, 1991, pp. 155–174.
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The shifting perspectives model of chronic illness

Forfatter: Paterson, B.L.
J Nurs Scholarsh. (2001). 33(1):21-6.
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An evaluation of a self-management program for patients with long-term conditions

Forfattere: Andrew Turner, Joanna K. Anderson, Louise M. Wallace og Claire Bourne
Patient Education and Counseling (2015). 98 (2): 213–219.
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Twelve myths about shared decision making

Forfattere: France Légaréa og Philippe Thompson-Leduca
Patient Education and Counseling (2014). 96 (3): 281–286.
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Ny bok: From Vocational to Professional Education. Educating for Social Welfare

Seniorforsker André Vågan ved NK LMH er medforfatter av to bokkapitler i boka. Det ene kapitlet handler om koherensbegrepet og teori–praksisutfordringene i profesjonsutdanningene. Det andre gir en kritisk diskusjon av hva forskningsbasert utdanning skal innebære i de korte profesjonsutdanningene.

  • Coherence: A longitudinal approach.
    Forfattere: Kåre Heggen, Jens-Christian Smeby and André Vågan
    I From Vocational to Professional Education. Educating for Social Welfare (2014/2015) (red: Jens-Christian Smeby og Molly Sutphen), s. 70–88. Routledge Research in Higher Education. Routledge.
  • Research-based education in undergraduate professional programmes
    Forfattere: Svein Kyvik, André Vågan, Tine S. Prøitz and Per Olaf Aamodt (2014/2015)
    In From Vocational to Professional Education. Educating for Social Welfare (2014/2015) (red: Jens-Christian Smeby og Molly Sutphen), s. 105–123. Routledge Research in Higher Education. Routledge.

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Omtale av Cochrane-oversikt: Diabetes type 2 – er kulturelt tilpasset pasientopplæring effektivt?

Kulturelt tilpasset pasientopplæring gir bedre blodsukkerkontroll hos etniske minoriteter som har diabetes type 2. Slik opplæring øker trolig kunnskap om diabetes og ernæring, samt mestringstro og egenkraftmobilisering (empowerment) hos de som deltar. Det viser en nylig oppdatert systematisk oversikt fra Cochrane-samarbeidet.
Forfattere: Fønhus MS, Munthe-Kaas HM, Annhild Mosdøl A. (2014)
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User involvement as sharing knowledge – an extended perspective in patient education

Forfattere: Anita Strøm og May Solveig Fagermoen
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare (2014).7, 551–559
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Health care professionals’ perspectives of the experiences of family caregivers during in-patient cancer care

Forfatterel: M. Ekstedt, U. Stenberg, M. Olsson and CM. Ruland
Journal of Family Nursing (2014): 20 462-486. doi: 10.1177/1074840714556179.
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Una Stenberg jobber som forsker ved NK LMH

Knowledge and skills needed for patient education for individuals with coronary heart disease: The perspective of health professionals

Forfattere: Margrét H Svavarsdóttir, Árún K Sigurðardóttir og Aslak Steinsbekk
Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs (September 10, 2014). doi:10.1177/1474515114551123
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Likeverd eller dominans? Symbolsk vold på LMS

Forfatter: Ingrid Ruud Knutsen
I Empowerment i helse, ledelse og pedagogikk – nye perspektiver (red. Sidsel Tveiten og Knut Boge). Gyldendal Akademisk. (2014)
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An evaluation of a self-management program for patients with long-term conditions

Forfattere: Andrew Turner, Joanna K. Anderson, Louise M. Wallace & Claire Bourne
Patient Education and Counseling (2014). doi:10.1016/j.pec.2014.08.022
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Interaction between diabetes specialist nurses and patients during group sessions about self-management in type 2 diabetes

Forfattere: Eva Boströmemail, Ulf Isaksson, Berit Lundman, Ulla H. Graneheim & Åsa Hörnsten
Patient Education and Counseling (2014). 94 (2): 187–192.
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Prioritising person-centred care. Supporting self-management.

Summarising evidence from systematic reviews.
National Voices. People shaping health and social care.
Fra pasientorganisasjonen National Voices (2014)
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The making of ‘professional amateurs’: Professionalizing the voluntary work of service user representatives.

Acta Sociologica (2014). 57 (4): 325-340.
Forfattere: Tone Alm Andreassen, Eric Breit og Sveining Legard
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Kronikk: For mye vekt på forskning i korte profesjonsutdanninger?

Det er fastsatt ved lov at høyere utdanning i Norge skal være forskningsbasert. I korte profesjonsutdanninger er det imidlertid ifølge kronikkforfatterne særlig uklart hva dette bør bety i praksis. De stiller spørsmål ved om det er realistisk og fornuftig at så stor vekt legges på forskningsinnholdet i disse utdanningene som det gjøres i lovteksten og i den offentlige debatten.

Forfattere: Svein Kyvik Forsker NIFU og André Vågan, seniorforsker NK LMH
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Body, participation and self transformations during and after in-patient stroke rehabilitation.

Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research (2014)
Forfattere: Cathrine Arntzen, Torunn Hamra og Tove Borg
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Forutsetninger for pårørendeinvolvering i sykehjemstjenesten

Engelsk tittel: Informal carer involvment in nursing homes – necessary condition.
Vård i Norden (2014). 3:9-13.
Forfattere: Anne Norheim og Rita Sommerseth

Utdrag fra sammendrag

Aim: This article illuminates informal carers experiences of conditions necessary to involve themselves in collaboration with staff in nursing homes. Findings: The results revealed that good communication, relationships and resources were a prerequisite for collaboration and involvement. The family members described the importance of being “seen” by the staff, but most of them deplored the lack of specific and professional information based on their individual needs. There also appeared to be a need for a clarification of roles between staff and family members to clarify what they expect from each other as a prerequisite for cooperation.
Conclusion: It is required with a change in attitudes among staff to create an individual approach for informal carer involvement. Such change in attitudes may take place through systematic use of information, with time to listen to the stories told by the carers, and through that meet their needs. At the same time lack of resources and a high turn-over may influence the possibility of availability and continuity.

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The contribution of social networks to the health and self-management of patients with long-term conditions: a longitudinal study.

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The effects of health coaching on adult patients with chronic diseases: A systematic review

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Personer med sykelig overvekt hadde økt mestringsforventning og selvfølelse etter pasientkurs

Studien viser at deltakernes mestringsforventning og selvfølelse økte betydelig ett år etter fullført Startkurs.
Forfattere: May Solveig Fagermoen, Katherine Bevan, Anne-Cathrine Berg, Eva Bjørnsborg, Christine Mathiesen, Helene Gulbrandsen, Anne Lise Hustadnes og Anita Strøm
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Family Caregivers of Cancer Patients: Perceived Burden and Symptoms During the Early Phases of Cancer Treatment

Una Stenberg, forsker ved NK LMH, er førsteforfatter.
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