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The main objective of the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Learning and Mastery in Health (Nasjonal kompetansetjeneste for læring og mestring innen helse (NK LMH)) is to improve the quality of Learning and Mastery Services in the specialist health services and in the municipal health and care services.

Learning and Mastery Services facilitate self-reliance for people who have long-term health challenges, as well as their next of kin. The aim is to strengthen their mastering and to increase their quality of life. Long-term health challenges are linked to chronic disease, prolonged physical or psychological stress or disability.

Learning and Mastery Services offers mainly group-based courses. User involvement at the system level is a prerequisite for working with the courses. This means that professionals and user representatives work side by side. This ensures that the users’ needs are in focus.

The Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Learning and Mastery in Health supports the work of the Learning and Mastery Services through research, development and communication.

The film below explains more about our history and our philosophy.
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